Friday, October 17, 2014


This year is going by so fast ... I just realized that here we are already in the middle of October and I have not yet posted the September 2014 home prices for Lakewood California.

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If you would like a better idea of what YOUR HOME may be worth just give me a call 562-882-1581 as I would love the opportunity to give you more detailed information about how the sales and listings in your particular neighborhood have resulted in changing the value of YOUR HOME.

How have the homes in Lakewood changed?  Floor plans used to be similar in Lakewood, but over the years everything has changed. Some homes have gone through major renovations with add-ons and others have installed air conditioning and upgraded kitchens. All these make a major difference when it comes to determining the value of a home,

When Lakewood was first built is was the only city at the time to have Magic King Garbage Disposals installed. Very innovative! Over the years and during my 28 years as a Realtor listing and selling homes in Lakewood, I have seen a variety of changes to Lakewood homes.

Feel free anytime to reach out to me ... I would be happy to share my information and the benefit of my experiences with you!