Monday, August 30, 2010

Allison Van Wig, Local Long Beach Realtor® Explores the LA Bike Path

Living in the Long Beach & Lakewood area has so many benefits … which is just one of the reasons why I love selling real estate here. I guess you could say that I really believe in my product …

One day last week, during my morning bike ride, I decided to take a little adventure and explore the LA Bike Path. A friend recently told me that they had repaved the bike path and I thought to myself … let's check it out. Miller Children's Hospital Bike Challenge

I hadn't been on it for about three years so … I headed West on Del Amo Blvd. because it is one of the many streets in Long Beach that has a bike path on the roadside (except of course for the area between Atlantic and Long Beach Blvd). As I approached the Long Beach Freeway, I entered the bike path & continued onto the trailhead while heading South towards the beach.

Los Angeles River Bike Path 2

On my left hand side, there were wetlands that had been restored with drought-resistant plants … I feel the city has done a beautiful job of bringing the area back to its natural habitat … very nice. Plus, all along the bike path, there are signs posted explaining what the wetlands are and … why we need them.

Los Angeles River Bike Path 1

As I continued my bike ride, I passed a horse … the rider was great and moved over and said good morning … this gave me such a good feeling of community.

Further down the river bed it turns from cement to dirt as it gets a little wider … which, is right around where you're passing the blue line and of course going underneath the blue line is a thrill as the passengers wave to you.

Los Angeles River Bike Path 3

I then began to see more bicyclists and there were more and more people out for their morning walk … a photographer was taking pictures of birds and was using a special lens to capture images of the flocks of birds who would occasionally leave the river and fly overhead.

A Friendly Spider acting as a tour guide

As I approached Willow Street and headed back towards the Wrigley area, I had the faint smell of horses and Eucalyptus. On the left side of the trail are horse corrals with very large shade trees ...on the right side are small walls so you don’t ride into the river … and on those walls, wild grapes are growing. At Pacific Coast Highway I turned around and headed back to my starting point thereby making it easy to get a 10 mile bike ride because … the path is marked every quarter-mile.

Early Morning Bike Ride

As I turned around and headed back … there was a slight breeze on my face, and I thought … not a bad way to start the morning. Anyone who has not ventured out onto the bike path … give it a try and then feel free to come back to this blog and leave a comment about what YOU think.

LA River Bike Trail LA River Bike Trail LA River Bike Trail

For more information about Long Beach and Lakewood real estate and why I love living in Long Beach, feel free to visit my website … there you will also find full access to the Multiple Listing Service or … if you have any questions about buying or selling real estate or … the LA Bike Path … just give me a quick call … 562-882-1581.

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