Friday, February 11, 2011

Local Farmers Markets Bring Year Round Farm Fresh Vegetables & Fruits To Long Beach & Lakewood Residents To Enjoy!

How fortunate we are to have such a variety of choices of produce and so many market venues to select from. Last month I wrote about several things that I really appreciated about living in Long Beach and Lakewood … but one thing I did not include in that list was the wonderful selection of produce and products that are available to us year round through our local farmers markets. In the middle of winter, a trip to the farmers market may even feel a little like summer.

Why do I personally love going to the farmers market? It gives me a grounded feeling … it makes me feel like I am on vacation with a renewed feeling. There is nothing better than heading out on my bike on a Sunday morning and biking over to the market.

It’s the best of both worlds … like going to a health food store and a swap meet all rolled up into one. Plus every time you visit the farmers market it is always different, almost like opening a package and not knowing what is inside.

I love being able to find unusual items such as handmade soaps, jewelry, and whole wheat bran muffins … you see, most of the time the same vendors are there but they usually have something different each time.

Being able to find new and unusual fruits and veggies … ones that are hard to find in the regular grocery stores plus … the vendors are very happy to share with you simple and unique ways to prepare your recipes.

As you may have guessed by now, I am quite the “foodie” so another really big draw for me is how much I enjoy the smell of kettle corn in the air plus having grown up in the 70’s, I always feel nostalgic when I smell the soy candles.

In addition to buying the farm fresh produce, I have also enjoyed the selection of home grown plants that they offer. For instance, just last year I was really happy to find a Papaya tree to purchase – now that’s not something you can find just anywhere!

Believe me when I buy a plant, it is always a fun challenge figuring out how I am going to get it home on my bike. Between my stuffed backpack and plant … well, it is quite a site!

So where are a few of the farmer’s markets in and around your area?


Alamitos Bay Marina - 9 to 2 pm

6448 E. Marina Drive, Long Beach, CA

Old McDonald’s Giant Farmers Market – 8:30 to 2 pm

Family Friendly with Pony Rides & Petting Zoo

Corner of Spring St & Clark Ave, Long Beach, CA


Long Beach Uptown/Bixby Knolls - 3 to 6:30 pm

600-698 E 46th St, Long Beach


City Place - 10 to 4 pm

274 E. 4th St

So many of us would love to have the room and time to cultivate a home vegetable garden and … all of us want to eat healthy foods! I just feel that our local farmers markets bring us the best of all these things.

The next time you're “off to market” you just may find me sorting through a bunch of spinach or inspecting a bundle of fresh herbs … or enjoying a bag of kettle corn.

I hope you will enjoy shopping these markets as much as I do. Remember, last month, I urged everyone to take time this year to enjoy the “best things to appreciate” so … this month make sure you visit one of these farmer markets and let me know what you think.

When I am not shopping the farmers markets I am busy finding homes for my real estate buyers and buyers for my real estate sellers.

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Next week I will give you an update as to why waiting to buy a house could very well cost you over $300.00 a month! It is a must read!!

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