Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Allison Van Wig, Local Realtor® Reports on Monthly Real Estate Sales for Long Beach & Lakewood PLUS Fun Facts On Tree Trivia

It is the first day of Summer and the numbers are in for May 2011 sales for Long Beach and Lakewood. If you listened to the news you would think that the real estate market was dead. The truth is our local real estate market is buzzing with lots of activity.

After reviewing the data for closed sales I am happy to report that Long Beach had 263 closed home sales and Lakewood had 56 closed home sales … for a grand total of 319 transactions. When you consider that this time last year the Home Buyers Tax Credit was driving the market … we are doing okay … in my opinion!

One thing I have noted in working with my buyers and sellers this spring, everyone has commented on how especially beautiful the Jacaranda trees were this year … this is more than likely a result of our abundant rainfall. This got me to thinking … just what are the most popular trees in Long Beach? … So I did a little research.

Allison Van Wig Wants You To Know … Top Five Most Popular Trees in Long Beach

If you would like to get some more information about the history of Long Beach and Lakewood real estate … give me a call … I would love the opportunity to visit with you and share some more real estate trivia. 562-882-1581 or visit www.SuperBroker.com .

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