Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Tale of How a Big Box of Baking Soda Saved Thanksgiving

Back in the early days of my marriage … I bravely volunteered to cook Thanksgiving dinner. Always wanting to try new things, I decided to cook my turkey using one of those special cooking bags.

After hearing everyone’s advice about how to prepare the bird, I turned on the electric oven, waited for it to pre-heat and then put the turkey inside the bag.

When I closed the oven door I was full of the anticipation of a moist turkey … cooked to perfection … as I am sure anyone who is a new cook could be.

Everything was going great, the house was starting to fill with the smells of a wonderful meal when all of a sudden there was a very big bang coming from the oven; I opened the oven door and flames shot up to the ceiling.

One of those pieces of advice was to keep a big box of baking soda handy … so I grabbed the baking soda to throw the powder onto the flames and fire. There was smoke, soot, grease and baking soda all over the oven walls and floor … including my poor cat Stouffer who just happened to be in the kitchen enjoying the good smells, just as the emergency started to unfold. The cat shot off through out the house covering everything in his path with baking soda.

The big box of baking soda saved the kitchen from catching on fire but to this day I will never forget how awful I felt and how sorry I was that my poor Stouffer got the worst of it all. I washed off the cat, washed off the turkey and put it back into the oven.

Two things I learned that Thanksgiving, always have a big box of baking soda handy and to always poke a hole in the plastic bag … just like the instructions say; otherwise it hits the electric elements in the oven and explodes.

Every Thanksgiving I am always thankful for my family and friends but most especially, I am thankful that I have learned to read directions and to have since become a much better cook.

If you have any cooking disasters and close calls you would like to share … feel free to leave a comment … until next time


P.S. My guest never knew that special recipe … they polished off every bite!

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  1. Great story Allison! Glad to hear Stouffer's okay. :o) Happy Thanksgiving!