Friday, January 6, 2012

It’s Time for Christmas Tree Recycling in Long Beach & Lakewood California

Several years ago I read a very cute poem about how a Christmas tree who didn’t understand how he could go from being the center of attention and so loved and adorned to being striped of all his fancy attire and then thrown out onto the sidewalk and abandoned.

Christmas tree recycling is a relatively new event but one that I welcome … to have our Christmas trees serve a new purpose somehow takes the sting of letting it go a little easier  

And so the time has come for this ritual to begin again … I am always saddened by this act; this tree which has brought so much pleasure into our lives that we must now say goodbye to … it seems being sentimental about turning the lights out for the last time runs parallel with “get this thing out of here … I want to get the house back to normal”

Long Beach has a wonderful website with information on tips about Christmas tree recycling and more to the point … have your tree at the curb Saturday from 7 am on and it will be picked up

Lakewood has their own program and Christmas tree recycling information on their website as well. I hope you will join your neighbors in recycling your trees.

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