Sunday, March 18, 2012

Chocolate Raspberry Layer Cake

On Sunday night, March 18th we are celebrating three birthdays, so I have had this cake in mind for several weeks. I got the idea from Pinterest but instead of using fresh Rose Petals I used fresh Raspberries.
First I made six small nine inch round layers about half inch thick of chocolate cake. I made these from scratch, but you can use a mix if you like.
I then cut the rounded top off each layer so that they would lay flat against each other. First layer has chunky raspberry jam, second layer has a mix of chocolate frosting and raspberry jam. Rotate frosting and jam as you layer up then cover entire cake with chocolate frosting.
You will need several boxes of fresh raspberries. Wash them well and dry with paper towels. I then stuffed each one with a Ghirardelli dark chocolate chip. Stick raspberries into side of cake frosting. I went all the way up to the top.
This cake tasted great, and looked very pretty. With three layers this would make a great wedding cake that would look pretty without fondant.

I am making a cake in a couple of weeks for some clients that just got married and are closing on a home in a couple weeks. I think it would be great to hand them the keys for their new home and they go inside and find a wedding cake! I am thinking about bottom layer of cake will be chocolate with strawberries, and the top will be vanilla with strawberries. Each layer will have strawberry jam in the center. I will post pictures so you can all see it. Have a great week.

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