Friday, October 5, 2012

Would a White Picket Fence Help Sell Your Home Faster?

What was your dream when you were growing up? Did you hope that one day you would own the perfect American suburban dream, a home with a white picket fence?  Do you think that a white picket fence would sell a home faster in Long Beach and Lakewood California?

There is a certain charm and warmth that comes with a house lined with pickets. However, when you look at fencing today and the options available for your home, there is a lot more to choose from and so you can and should shop around!

First of all your fencing should be determined by your lifestyle needs in addition to all the other homes in your neighborhood and the surrounding area. Are you located on a sprawling ranch or nestled between lofts in the city? Is your home located on a corner lot? Is there a practical reason for your home to have a fence? Your fencing may need to be dictated by those factors to bring the most curb appeal and value. Do you have a need to keep animals in or out? If so, there is a wide variety of fencing solutions available to you.

Next, you should consider the overall look and feel of your home and landscaping. Your fencing should blend with your existing structure, unless you purposely choose a more distinctive look. Keep in mind that the height of your fence will matter, as well ... plus don't forget that Long Beach and Lakewood California may have certain building codes that you need to be mindful of. Remember, that fencing is more than just a barrier against the outside world; it also sets the tone for the look and feel of your home.

Take the time to carefully evaluate local resources such as your neighbor’s fencing choices and your local home improvement store to gain a good understanding of what is available to you before making your decision. Sometimes a combination of fencing types is the best way to ally all your concerns and create beauty in the fencing of your home. For more homeowner, seller and buying tips visit my other blogs where you will find a lot of helpful information.

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