Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lofts in Long Beach

Excuse any typos as I am sitting at the Wilmore in Long Beach with my glass of wine and Ipad and blogging.  It's January and I have been out showing property in 85 degree weather. Normally it would be about 65 degrees, but we are having a warm spell.  I currently have a customer who wants to purchase a loft to live in. Long Beach is converting more of the older buildings to lofts and it's great to see the inside of these homes. Sometimes they feel a little stark to me, maybe a little unfinished. I am not sure if I like one large unfinished space. Tonights showing was exciting, it made me realize what could be done! I have seen a lot of lofts and none have been finished this nicely. This unit located in the Kress Lofts was extra special. The owners had taken some of the cement floors and polished them to a high gloss. They had taken old barn wood and laid a floor in the living room with it. Beautiful contrast of materials. It made the open space feel warm and cozy.  The ceilings were 14 feet high and they had elevated a section to make an office space. This made the office feel private and gave you storage underneath.  It also divided the bedroom from the living room. I was ready to move in. I loved this place. I actually told my client that it felt like a glass of great wine!
After, I decided to go to the Wilmore in Bixby Knolls and get myself a great glass of wine. I also love the Wilmore. Great atmosphere and great people.
If you are looking for a loft in Long Beach give me a call at 562-882-1581.  We can go look at a few then, I will treat you to wine at the Wilmore!
Dog bed under stairs-looks so comfy!

Love the large windows
Huge cement beams

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