Tuesday, November 17, 2015

4 Ways to Improve The Value of Your Home


Deferred Maintenance: Small repairs and the general neglect of a home can make it appear less appealing logo_gallerythan it really is.

Don’t be detracted by deferred maintenance; instead, perform an inspection to eliminate the risk of serious problems, then use the condition as a negotiation tool.

First Impressions:  More than one home has suffered from a bad first impression; overgrown shrubs, faded paint, lack of shutters and stained concrete walkways make any home look tired and dull.

Fortunately, first impressions are fast and affordable projects; landscaping, pressure washing and a new doorknob quickly turn a tired entrance into an inviting space.

Lights and Appliances: Upgrading lights and appliances might be one of the best ways to add value to any home.

Energy-efficient appliances and beautiful LED lighting not only provide a modern, up-to-date appearance but are quieter, easier to operate and more dependable than older models.

Cosmetically Challenged: Some homes simply suffer from wear & tear; old carpets and personalized paint choices may have once been your pride and joy but they usually don’t translate well into the general market.

Rather than succumbing to the “shock and awe” when encountering a cosmetically challenged home, focus on the structure and surroundings instead. Cosmetic fixes often result in the largest and best return on your dollar when it comes to adding value to the price of a home.

If you would like some specific ideas as they relate to your home and property, I would love the opportunity of speaking with you and giving you the perspective you need to improve your home’s value – Just give me a call 562-882-1581 or drop me an email Allison@SuperBroker.com.

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